Weary & Worn?

It seems I may soon have a part time job to go along with my full time employment.  About a month or so ago, I filled out an online application for Lowes, a home improvement store.  Yesterday, I received a phone call wanting to set up an interview.

At 1:00PM today, I had my interview.  Normally I can tell when something goes well, and if I were to judge solely on the interviewers face, I would say I failed.  However, her words were another story.  She wanted to schedule a second interview with another gentleman for 8:00AM Thursday morning.  After I came home, she called again and wanted to know if I could do a drug test tomorrow, as well. 

I’m not getting too excited, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.  We aren’t hurting for money, but it would be very nice to have an extra income to put back should things go south in this wonky economy.  So, cross your fingers and send your prayers, I’ll be rising early tomorrow and heading out to find out what’s going on.


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