Hadox Finally Reaches 31

Yes, at long last!  After focusing my energies on Shavelle, my 80 hunter main, and the various quests/achievements centered around Noblegarden, Children’s Week and The Argent Tournament, I finally returned to my latest alt.  My path is pretty much cleared to begin leveling my warlock.

Tonight, to prove my renewed dedication, Hadox reached 31 while smackin’ down some Dark Iron Dwarves in the Wetlands.  After that, we flew back to Stormwind, grabbed 2 more warlock quests and headed over to Kalimdor.  The Silverwing Sentinels are my new friends for this round of leveling, it seems.  I hate the Nightelf areas, just too dark despite the lush green jungle vibe they have going on there.

Meanwhile, back to the three warlock quests:  I plan on checking those out over the weekend.  All three are located in the Barrens, and two are about minions.  A Succubus and a Felguard, I believe. 

Right now, though, it’s off to bed.  I’m dog-tired. 


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