33rd Level & Other Main Events

This post is a combination of Alt and Main events. 

First, Hadox was finally able to reach 33 1/2 at the time I logged off last night.  I am now questing in Stranglethorn Vale (aka HELL) and despise it, but I’m dedicated to seeing this leveling guide add-on through to the end.

My next move led me to Stormwind half way through this level because, at 33, I find I really need to upgrade my gear.  So when I logged, Hadox was standing in front of the auctioneer in SW and prepared to go shopping at my next log in.

As for Shavelle, oh what a week it’s been!  Noblegarden.  Children’s Week.  Participating in Argent Tournament quests and dailies.  She finally made it to a representative of the Exodar and now a whole new set of dailies are open.  I also leveled her cooking to 350, achieved Grand Master cooking skill and began the cooking dailies.  AND … as if that weren’t enough, we are now trying to do the three coin achievements in Dalaran.  The goal is to fish up copper, silver and gold coins from the Dalaran fountain.  Get them all and you get an achievement for each type as well as a reward for getting all three lists complete.

These back to back holidays we are coming out of has really done alot to get me interested in the game again.  Sure, I’m leveling an alt to 80 right now, but Shavelle reaching 80 kind of ground my interest in that level to a halt.  Now I find there is some interesting things for me to participate in.  Heck, I may even have to run an instance or two! 

Things are just too fun, right now.


One thought on “33rd Level & Other Main Events

  1. The game definitely opens up at max level. When I started playing, I thought once I hit 80, it would be time to start a new level.

    Boy was I wrong.

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