Lowered Expectations / Disappointments

This is the third business day since I took my drug test for part time employment with Lowes.  Still no phone call.  I know I passed the drug test, but I’m not sure what the hold up is on the phone call.  My wife wants me to call them, and I figure I will, I’ll just wait until tomorrow, which will then be well passed the set time limit the lady gave us.  I’d really like to have that job, and I am not ashamed to say I’ll be disappointed if I don’t get it.

And secondly, I was thinking of the good and bad of social networking sites this morning.  Dunno why, really, but I was considering the implications of finding out more information about people you know, knew or thought you knew.  Basically, my post was:

Good things about social networking sites: finding old friends and classmates and long lost family members. (Possibly) Bad things about social networking sites: learning someone isn’t exactly the type of person you use to consider them to be 🙂

It’s one thing to have friends you’ve gone to school with, or worked with and hung out with on occasion, or family members you haven’t connected with in a long time.  But what happens when you get an up close, daily look into their lives via those social networking sites.  You begin to learn how they really think, act and behave.  Their opinions and beliefs that may have once been a veiled mystery are suddenly on display for you to see. 

Is it what you expected?  Does it surprise you?  How do you react when their beliefs or behaviour doesn’t live up to your own morales or expectations?  It would be awkward to de-friend them, if it came to that extreme.  After all, these are people you’ve known for … say … almost 14 years of your life in one form or another (friend, coworker, neighbor, family). 

Social Networking sites are overall a good idea, but sometimes it can bring out the Jekyll and Hyde of people.  Sometimes, I believe it’s best if we really don’t know just what is on other peoples minds … but, thanks to Twitter, Myspace, Facebook and all the others … that’s a thing of the past.


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