Before or After?

I’m debating on whether or not I should purchase “Broken Steel,” the third dlc offered for Fallout 3, before or after I finish the main storyline.  I’ve seen video trailers and such, but I’m not completely sure how it will affect my character if I buy and install it after the fact.  Will I get a sort of rewind and a chance to replay that last bit? 

I’m debating now because I am at the point where we are about to activate Liberty Prime and storm the water facility.  The only other thing delaying me is that I believe I need some more tapes for the password.  I read on that you have to find 5 holotapes to discover the complete password for the water purifier.  If that’s so, I still have four more to go.

So goes it, I’ll make the right choice no matter what, I’m sure.  It’s just one of those little things I thought I’d blog about.


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