My Visit With Hadox

Thanks to my full-time job, which is on shaky ground with our unstable economy, and with additional thanks to my new part time job, World of Warcraft has finally taken a backseat to all other things in life.  Of course, my family comes first after all is said and done, but I was finally able to get in some game time this weekend.  And it was fun!  I guess you really need to get away, once in awhile, to really appreciate the finer aspects of any game you’ve played for a long time.

Since my playing time is limited, now, I decided to skip my attempt at dailies with my main and focus, instead, on leveling up my warlock.  As of this writing, near midnight on Sunday, I’ve almost achieved level 37.  There is still an issue of my not having completed several warlock class quests, mainly for a few demonic companions, but I’m about to set off to do those very soon.  The only reason they’ve been ignored is because once I get on a leveling streak, I hate to break it by starting something else.  Plus, I mainly use my Voidwalker for the majority of my questing anyways. 

So, right now, I’ve got in a /play of 2 day 10 hours and 15 minutes total time.  Not too shabby, I suppose, since I’ve been leveling on regular experience 99% of my play time.


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