Changing It Up In WoW

I’ve put a hold on my warlock leveling to focus on my 80 Main, Shavelle.  Supporting numerous alts with her limited income had left the purse a bit light.  So, as of last weekend, I’ve been running a bunch of Ice Crown quests I’d never done, doing some dailies and also throwing down on the MidSummer Fire Festival quests.  Because of some issues a few folks were having, the “Honoring the Flame” quests were reset.  I’d already completed them, so that means I was able to go back through and do them again!  Nice, nice, nice.

As far as my warlock goes, I found an old Darkmoon Faire card on my paladin and sent it over to Hadox.  I got the nice staff that offers +30 to Spell Power from it, and it fit nicely in the hands of my lil squishy.

WoW time is still limited, though, so there isn’t much else to report on.  Maybe later this coming weekend, of which I have no work to go to!


Once Upon A Midsummer’s Night …

Yet another holiday has come to the world of Azeroth, and it just so happens that I was able to participate in parts of it early this week.  The achievements for the Midsummer Fire Festival aren’t really all that “out there,” but are very time consuming.

Once again, I doubt I’ll finish all the achievements, but I’ll give it a shot.  The simple fact is, I’m too busy to work on them in the limited amount of time we’re given (which is 10 days, of which we are already 3 in to.)  Working 2 jobs consumes large amounts of time and I have very little sleep to sacrifice.  So, today is probably the last day until this weekend, when I’m only working 1 job, that I’ll have time to fly around and desecrate fires!

So it goes.  The simple fact that Blizzard has put little annual events like this in the game gives us all one more option of play.  Not being able to complete it doesn’t take away the fun, it just means I’ll have something to do next year when it rolls around again.

Why, Yes, I Am A Level 45 Warlock

Despite the minor set back of working nearly 70 hours a week, I have managed to easy Hadox, the human warlock, slowly up to level 45.  He needs new gear, some enchants to boost spellpower and about 35 more levels added to his total, but we’ll manage.

Still using James’s Leveling Guide, as was my plan for this toon, and am 2 levels ahead of the guide itself.  Currently, I’m back in the STV area and chuckin’ on along with some Bloodsail Pirate quests. 

On a side note, poor Shavelle has only 200 Gold or so in her purse, as I have not touched her once to do dailies in FOREVER.  She’ll be rich again soon enough, I’m sure.  But I sure do miss my gold …

What I Thought of the E3 Events Part I

Warning: This is a delayed reaction to the press conferences held at E3 ‘09.  I’m not a professional, nor will I be commenting on every single detail covered in the pressers.  Instead, I’m just a video game fan and feel like presenting my impressions of what we have seen, read and heard.

Microsoft (

Beatles Rock Band Announcement

  • – The Beatles Rock Band intro was great.  Beautifully done.
  • – Harmonix House Band was hilarious. I could see entire concerts forming based around Rock Band / GH gameplay.
  • – I’m not a Beatles fan, and have actually made fun of the price for the entire Beatles RB package, but I’d pick up this game as a single release.  It really sounds good.
  • – The whole deal with Ringo, Paul, Yoko and Olivia Harrison was unnecessary.  It seemed fake, forced and ate up valuable time.  Paul and Ringo seemed bored and not really sure where the crap they were.  Must have been serving drinks backstage 😉

10 New Games / New Experiences / New Entertainment

  • – Tony Hawk’s “Ride” and the skateboard controller … nope.  I’m a 33 year old fat man.
  • – Modern Warfare 2 looked awesome, but it’s just not my type of game.
  • – Final Fantasy XIII may be the first FF game I play since the release of VII many moons ago.  Love the look of the battle menus, graphics look spectacular.
  • – Shadow Complex – good stuff for an Arcade title.
  • – Joy Ride looks cute, but gameplay is everything.  We’ll see.  Free to use, but microtransactions could make or break.
  • – Crackdown 2.  Love the original.  This one looks twice as good.
  • – Left 4 Dead 2 cinematic was hilarious and well done.  Splinter Cell looked hot, but, again, not my type of game.  I’m a weird one like that.  Forza 3, beautiful as always.  Halo games – not as hot as people make them out to be.
  • – Alan Wake was just added to my must play list.
  • –, I use this service already.  360 integration looks interesting enough, but I’m not big on using a video game console as a media center experience.  I use mine to play games, go figure.  Oh, and btw, is free online, yet you have to have a $50 Live Gold Membership to use it on 360.
  • – Netflix, filling your cues on the 360 instead of online is something alot of folks have been asking for.  The live TV feature is nice, but I took it that it was for the UK and Ireland, not the U.S.
  • – 1080p instant streaming is a big plus, for me.  As long as it works with my internet connection.  Will definately be trying this out.  Instant tv and videos is also a nice feature, as long as the price isn’t outrageous on all of this.  The MST2K aka “shared experience” feature is, meh.
  • – Facebook & Twitter – I’m a user of both and these features attract me.  I can imagine the number of integrated features that will be implemented with your Passport ID.  On a side note, even though Felicia Day is an actress, she seemed awfully nervous during her presentation.

Not Done Yet

  • – Metal Gear Solid franchise to Xbox 360.  MGS Rising.  Raiden <sp> was my favorite character and I can’t wait to play this, as well.  My list is too big now, and I still have two other pressers to catch up on!  Argh!!
  • – Microsoft evidently knew about the Sony “wand,” because they just made a reference to it around 1:27:00 of their intro to their own motion controller.
  • – This motion sensing “controller” looks awesome.  The guy scanning and selecting his own skateboard in the game was very cool.  Logging in to Live by just walking in and then seeing the video call and the interaction between the girls was neat.  The quiz show was also captivating.  The whole casual use was very Minority Reportish.
  • – Project: Natal.  Interactive Entertainment is here?  Steven Spielburg seems taken by it, and actually seems interested, unlike the Beatles guests earlier in the show.  Like how my avatar mimics my movements.  Navigating the 360 menus could get tiring.  The Richochet demo looks too physical for my tastes :P  The painting demo was interesting, but honestly, it looked a little too iffy in my mind.  “Throwing” the colors around just won’t work for the majority of people.
  • – Peter Moleyneux is a dreamer.  I like him.  He does create some great games, even if they fall a tad bit shorter than his imagination.  Milo is a tad bit freaky, in my opinion.  Even though Peter assures that there are measures in place to prevent Milo from being … er … compromised … by perverts.

Overall, it was a nice event.  I wasn’t really blown away by anything in particular, but I did find some great games to add to my must play list.  I’m also looking forward to the motion sensor and the instant hd movies and television content.