Changing It Up In WoW

I’ve put a hold on my warlock leveling to focus on my 80 Main, Shavelle.  Supporting numerous alts with her limited income had left the purse a bit light.  So, as of last weekend, I’ve been running a bunch of Ice Crown quests I’d never done, doing some dailies and also throwing down on the MidSummer Fire Festival quests.  Because of some issues a few folks were having, the “Honoring the Flame” quests were reset.  I’d already completed them, so that means I was able to go back through and do them again!  Nice, nice, nice.

As far as my warlock goes, I found an old Darkmoon Faire card on my paladin and sent it over to Hadox.  I got the nice staff that offers +30 to Spell Power from it, and it fit nicely in the hands of my lil squishy.

WoW time is still limited, though, so there isn’t much else to report on.  Maybe later this coming weekend, of which I have no work to go to!


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