Much Work = Not So Much Blog

It seems that when I plan on doing more blogging, I do less!  So, here is my promise to myself: I’ll blog when I can, just to get the writing in.  A word a day, a sentence at a time, building paragraphs that couldn’t hold a coherent thought …  That’s me!

For anyone I mentioned it to, I started in yet another new department at Lowes.  The OPE (aka Seasonal) department.  This is where your lawn mowers, air conditioners, grills, etc are located during the Spring, Summer and Fall.  The rough part comes in on the fact that they’ve had me on a 6AM ‘til schedule.  I say “’til” because I worked some odd hours last week.  This week, I figure it’ll suck more because my regular schedule will be in affect.  This is a 6AM to 2PM, 8 hour schedule.  The only positive is that it seems to be a Monday through Friday schedule, meaning I’ll have the weekend off at both jobs to rest. 

There is one other issue I have, but it doesn’t really upset me that much.  I guess it bothers me because the folks I have the issue with seem to think I care a tad bit more than I do.  Basically it involves my job being pretty much threatened if I don’t do a certain task by next Friday, and they are trying to be all serious about it.  Being as nice as I could, I pretended to be slightly concerned, but found it rather humorous.

At Parthenon, things are day-by-day.  We’ll be busy all night one day, then the next we’ll be searching for something to keep us busy.  It’s a great job, pays me well and I would hate to lose it, so I’m really, really, really praying things take an upward swing in the next month.

This weekend has been a bit of a disappointment.  We woke up yesterday looking for something to do.  Evidently, I had a wild hair because I decided, spur of the moment, that we should go to Beech Bend Park  in Bowling Green, KY.  Everyone finally agreed and we headed out.  After what seemed like 2 hours of driving, heavy traffic, a flat tire and some slighty bickering, we ended up not even going into the park.  Aside from the tiny issues just mentioned, once we got there, the weather was much cooler in Bowling Green than back home in Smyrna.  People were going in with jackets and sweaters on and we were standing there in shorts and t-shirts.  On top of that, several of the kids rides were closed for some unstated reason and it was sprinkling and cloudy.  So we ended up going to their mall and Toys R Us, grabbing a bite to eat and then heading back.  Thankfully, as with almost all trips, the ride home goes by much faster.

Today, we’re getting a bad start early, so maybe that means we’ll end up in a much better evening.  Getting ready to have lunch w/ the wife and in-laws before heading out to meet some more of her relatives.  Yes, 6 years of marriage and I still haven’t met them all.  They just keep popping up out of nowhere!! 

So, I’m out.  Hope everyone has/had a great weekend, and will have a much better week.


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