I remember, not too long ago, when “Enterprise” was failing, the Trek film franchise was doing poorly and everyone had more than their share of “Star Trek.”  There was talk of over saturation of the property, that people needed a break from the universe since we’d seen the property in one form or another since TNG appeared. 

Well, I personally don’t believe the break was long enough.  Here we have an article from IGN: Next Star Trek a Two-Parter?  In short, it describes a comment from “Star Trek” screenwriter Robert Orci giving a vague sentence or two that hinted the next movie would actually be two movies filmed back to back. 

The general fact that they were already planning another movie before the first reboot was even released tells me that we’re going to be sick of “Star Trek” again very soon.  There are some properties that can benefit from quick turn around between releases.  The “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Harry Potter” are two excellent examples.  But “Star Trek,” or even “Star Wars,” for anyone thinking I’m showing bias, just aren’t on my list.  They are already too widely spread into our culture in novels, comics, cartoons and movies. 

Over Saturation.  Too much.


2 thoughts on “Over-saturation

  1. Eh, it might be oversaturation. Personally, I still don’t have any real need to rush out and watch the new Trek film, or even when it arrives on DVD/Blu-Ray. I’m quite happy with Trek as it is. In fact, I’m currently enjoying revisiting DS9.

  2. DS9 is, in my opinion, one of the best Trek series created. If they could completely remaster the series for bluray, I’d pick it up in a heartbeat.

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