My WoW Alt Updates

I have been thinking, today, about how I had big plans for Hadox.  Hadox is my human warlock alt in the ever-popular MMO game, World of Warcraft.  In the beginning, my plans were to level him from 1 to 80, from start to finish, stopping only when he needed to regain rested xp.  Since starting a part time job, though, I’ve fallen to the wayside on those plans. 

Is it possible to catch up now?  Hadox just hit level 55 this evening, and I’m thrilled.  Considering how little time I have to play now, I believe it’s ground breaking!  It took my hunter main nearly a year and a half to max level, then Wrath came out and I achieved 80 in about 2 weeks or so.

So my goal with this post is to jump start a project that is well underway.  I want to begin detailed posts on my journey to level this fine warlock class.  It’s been done before, with better detail and information, better stories and much, much better players.  But it hasn’t been done by me.  I’m an average Joe, a “casual” player as far as actually being a casual player goes.


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