One Word Replies or “I Don’t Understand, But I’ll Post Anyways.”

I am at a loss for words when anyone, myself included, makes a post via Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, a forum, etc, only to get that infamous one word reply.  “Huh?”  “What?”  Even worse is when you make a simple statement, as I did earlier tonight, and the question you on it.  I wasn’t asking for comments, although I know that this is the internet and you are open for them …  But still, one of my old high school friends felt the need to question me.

James: “Sometimes I forget, but I have the best wife, awesome son, wonderful friends and family and 2 great jobs.”

Friend: “How do you forget something like that, especially the 2 great jobs?”

Well, first of all, I was referring to the fact that even something as great as family can be taken for granted.  Sure, maybe I should have elaborated on this, but 140 characters isn’t a lot of space to go into detail.  Perhaps I should have even said, “take for granted the fact,” but, there you go again, you’re using up characters!  So, thanks to the limitations of messaging services, I get asked a question that I never intended to be asked. 

So then I make a post concerning my “World of Warcraft” warlock and how I am beginning to create his backstory in my head just as I did my hunter.  Again, same said friend comments: “Huh?”  and follows up with, “Are you speaking geek now?”

My final action was to just delete every cotton-picking thing I’d written.  Even the post that wasn’t commented on.  I don’t go around commenting on every worthless piece of information other folks care to share.  Like, “Oh, I have the greatest kid.”  Really?  Cause I think mine is pretty darn awesome.  “Woops, lil Ricky just spit up! Isn’t that cute?!  Here’s a pic.”  No, actually it’s not cute.  It’s disgusting.  You shouldn’t feed him the whole bottle.  And, yeah, thanks, I really wanted to see a picture of vomit.  Next time I take a dump, I’ll be sure to share a picture of it. 

So there, another issue off my chest.  Thank you, and good night.


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