World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (In Which I Drool a Little)

Blizzard is hosting it’s annual Blizzcon event in Anehaim, California right now.  Today, Saturday, should be Day 2 … and already, on the first day of the event – yesterday – they made major announcements right off the bat.  I wonder, will they end the show with a bigger bang?  Is it too soon to bring out any information on their second mmo that is being kept under tight wraps?  I wish I knew.  To start off with major announcements such as Cataclysm and then end on a whimper would be kind of sad.

So, the biggest announcement so far is the new changes coming in the next (third) expansion pack for World of Warcraft.  Titled Cataclysm, the game will – by all means and measures – turn the virtual world upside down.  The official page has been launched with art, screenshots, trailer and faqs – all viewable by clicking here.

Just to post a bunch of stuff you’ve already seen, but that I want to post anyways because I enjoy it so much, here’s a rundown of the major selling points.

Two new Playable Races: Worgen (Alliance) and Goblins (Horde)

These aren’t the same Goblins we’re use to.  These are a race of creatures from a new island being revealed in the expansion.  So while they play for the Horde, they shouldn’t affect the normal Goblins of Booty Bay and Ratchet and so forth.  The Worgen we will be able to play are from the land of Gilneas, the people hidden behind the Graymane wall all this time.  Can’t wait to play these.

Level Cap Increased to 85

5 new levels to grind through.  Joy! 

New Race/Class Combinations

An awesome deal that’s been a long time coming.  You can now have that human hunter or tauren warlock?

Archaeology a New Profession

Always need new professions.  Where’s my woodworking at?  I could make totems and bows and whatnot!

New PvP & Rated Battlegrounds

Not big on any of this.  I’m not a PvP, BG or raiding person, myself.

Guild Advancement

Sort of interested in learning more about this.  “Progress as a guild to earn guild levels and guild achievements.”  I get the feeling, though, that there are going to be some high-strung and bitchy guilds out there due to this change.  They are going to be extremely picky and pushy and I look for some folks to be guildless or maybe even find it hard to be recruited into a guild.

Classic Zones Remade / New High-Level Zones

Familiar zones in the old worlds are getting overhauls.  Some are even being split in two and having their level requirements raised.  I know there is no “specific” level requirements for zones, but I mean on a mob-type level.  For instance, the Barrens is being split in two.  One area will be the normal level and the other will be for higher level players with new content. 

As for the other new higher level zones, new parts of the world will be opened.  Uldum, Grim Batol and the Sunken City of Vashj’ir.

More Raid Content than Ever Before

Like I said, no big raider here.

Flying Mounts in Azeroth

With all the new content their adding, all the new areas, there is now either a complete world to fly around in, or it is all going to be “phased” or instanced, like several areas in Northrend with the Wrath release.  They have already admitted that they haven’t decided if or what the restrictions on flying will be, so for all we know right now, unless they go in and overhaul the entire world, we may not even be able to fly over certain mountains or go over particular areas for one reason or another.  “No Fly Zones,” if you will

So yeah, I’m extremely excited about this expansion and can not wait!  Too bad they didn’t even release a date for it.  I’d like to think it will be this year, but I highly doubt it.  Early next year if we’re lucky, or knowing Blizzard, it might be still a year or more away. 

All we can do, as with any Blizzard product, is … yup, you guess it … wait.


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