I Know Where The A-Holes Gather or “How Do You Lose A $500 Push Mower?”

The day before my extended time off from Lowes was uneventful up until the last hour or so.  I was coming around the corner of an aisle when our zone manager called for me to help a customer.  He was there to pick up a push mower he had brought in to have repaired.  It had been several weeks since the mower had been dropped off and no one had bothered to contact him as to the status of the repair, if it could be repaired or anything else related.

Checking the back room, the breeze way and consulting with the RTM lady, we decided that the mower wasn’t in the store.  She pulled up her file on the mower and, low-n-behold, we had signed papers stating the mower had been returned several days ago and was ready for pick-up.  But where was it?  I quickly checked the warehouse and outside once again before heading out to update my zone manager. 

Mr. Zone Manager said we needed to double check and make sure, and if I couldn’t find it, then I needed to call the Loss Prevention guy (I’m trying to refrain from using names, sorry.)  So I check the area we call the “Bull Pen,” which is the storage area behind the lumber department.  Nothing.  I check the warehouse again.  Nothing.  Outside. Nothing.  I take the repair forms and check out front to make sure the mower hasn’t been pushed out and sitting outside.  Nothing.  The conclusion: someone had either 1) pushed the mower to the sales floor, marked it down and sold it, or 2) someone had walked out of the store with it pretending to be the guy who had it repaired. 

None of this is really disturbing to me.  What I found disturbing was the fact that during this entire 40-minute ordeal, with three managers (department, zone and store) and a loss prevention associate on the case talking to one another, not a single one of them even approached the customer.  None of them came up, offered an explaination, told him they were working on it or what they might do to make up for OUR mistake.  Instead, they hid like rats waiting for the cat to leave.  It was sickening.

These same folks that walk around and boss their associates like dogs, understaffing the building on weekends as well as weekdays, couldn’t even walk up to this gentleman, who was very patient and friendly through the entire ordeal, and say, “Hey, we’re sorry for the confusion, but hang in there, we’re going to take care of you.”

The customer and I were standing by the OPE desk ‘til I finally walked over to the Zone Manager and asked, “So, what are we doing?  Is this guy just gonna stand here all day or is anyone going to say anything to him?”  To which the Zone Manager very hatefully replied, “Just get his name and phone number and we’ll see if someone can get ahold of him tomorrow or something.  We’re busy right now.”

So, relating the information, apologizing as much as I could, it was time for me to go.  The issue wasn’t resolved and I’d finally lost what very little respect I had for anyone on our management team. 

Welcome to Lowes, let’s build something together!


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