They’re Only Words

Nothing posted on this blog is “regular” content.  It isn’t updated on a regular basis, either, since my work schedule varies.  Over the last two days, though, I’ve posted a “word of the day” post.  Simple words from the dictionary that could be inserted into every day speak.  They may sound fancy to some because they wouldn’t normally go around saying, “Well, Tom, if you continue you are only going to exacerbate the situation.  Let him go on shouting about the indoctrination of his children by the public school system.” 

Yeah, I normally do not speak like that either.  I’m a Southern Boy, I use y’all and ain’t a lot.  But I figure, what the heck, everyone could definatelly speak a little nicer.  We have developed such an improper dialect from watching movies, listening to music and just being around one another that sometimes it’s hard to understand one another.

So will I continue the word of the day?  You just never know.  Will I forget about it tomorrow?  I have no idea, but for now, I’m just like Reader’s Digest and offering up something new to broaden your horizons.


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