I was originally scheduled off all week at Lowes, but someone asked if I could come in for a few days and I stupidly said yes.  Now, just 1 1/2 hours away from my volunteered time, I’m regretting it.  Today is the perfect day to lay around and waste the time away.  But so it goes, it’s extra money in the bank.

Meanwhile, I’m on a leveling frenzy in World of Warcraft.  I’m moving my paladin and death knight on up to level 60 while my warlock finally reached level 70.  A few more quests in Northrend and he’ll be 71, but it seems to be going alot slower than I remember.  I’ve also got a night elf priest up to level 7 and I’m debating on spending money on my human mage that has been stuck at level 43 or so for about a year now.  Not sure if it would be worth the gold to gear him up and start leveling him also.

It’s quiet on Facebook, no one speaks anymore on Myspace and Twitter is slowing down a bit.  I believe the networking communication methods are starting to get a little old, but something will happen to kick them back up again soon – it usually does.  For now, I play my Zynga games and write little posts that probably confuse/upset folks every now and then.  But hey, that’s me.  If you aren’t keeping someone on their toes, you’re not doing your job.


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