People Are Still Talking About Obama’s School Broadcast

The followers of the Obama cult – whose numbers are dwindling each day – are still going on about his televised speech to school children.  They finally have something to brag about him doing “right,” so they are going to cling to it as if it were a Bible or a gun and rub it into the ground. 

No, President Obama didn’t use the speech to spread his disinformation about health care.  No, he didn’t use it to promote some other Democratic agenda.  He simply said, “Stay in school, work hard, take responsibility.”  Fair enough.  But he could have just as easily taken a different route, and I almost wish he had just so we’d have one more, “I told you so,” talking point.

Would I have let my kid watch his speech?  Yes.  If my son was in school and the speech had been announced, I would have wanted him to watch it.  Not because of any valuable message – because, really, these kids parents should be instilling this in them, not some stranger on television – but because he is the President, like it or not, and they need to be familiar with the man that is continuing to drag the nation down.


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