Heros, Season 4: Redemption

Monday, September 21, 2009 will see the return of NBC’s “Heros.”  A 2-hour season premiere will be our lead into the next chapter of the universe everyone seems to love to hate.  Will the writers be able to pull a rabbit out of their hats and leave us in awe, this time around?  Or will we be treated to the same old formula that they’ve stuck to for 3 seasons now? 

The formula I’m referring to being: a convoluted one or two episodes, a flashback to several days, week, months or even years ago to catch us up on the convoluted episodes.  Then we’ll be treated to some form of the future being put in jeopardy, usually caused by something our “heros” end up doing anyways that they then have to undo making the whole season pointless. 

Yes, it may have worked the first time around because it was new, shiney and everyone loved it.  Season two left many fans jilted.  And season three, divided into two parts, tried to redeem itself in the end, but I fear it was too late.

Nevertheless, tomorrow I’ll happily sit down and watch it all over again. 

NBC: Official Heros Online


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