It Was So Fun, I’m Doing It Again

I enjoyed playing a hunter-class so much, that I’ve decided to roll another.  There is a slight change, though.  My main character is a Draenei hunter, level 80 on the Stormrage server and in the guild Clockwork.  Look me up sometime, it’s cool.  This particular server has been dedicated to the Alliance. 

Another server, however, is what I refer to as my Horde server.  I’ve got a 32 warlock (which inspired me to create my Human warlock on the Alliance side that is now up to level 72), and of course a nice Troll death knight.  My hunter, this time around, though, is a nice rugged Orc male.  He’s rough and tumble, doesn’t get along with humanoids very well, but has a soft spot for animals, hence his career as a hunter.

So, we’ll see how this goes.  I’m actually enjoying leveling a hunter, yet again.  Maybe it just requires some time off to experience new again.  Anyways, I haven’t forgotten my Alliance toons, nor my plan to level the warlock to level 80.  But, while I am working on this it is building up some nice rested xp on my other toons. 

Stay tuned, true believers.


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