Brave Soul? I Think Not

There has been something bothering me for a couple of months now.  It isn’t a constant bother, but something that pops back into my mind from time to time.  I was discussing it with a co-worker the other night, and it slipped back into my thoughts again just a few minutes ago.  The topic was suicide. 

Before I go further, I’d like to point out that I’m not downplaying anyone who has lost a loved one to the act of suicide, nor am I trying to purposely disgrace their memory.  All I’m saying here is my personal opinion based upon a small conversation I had with a truck driver at my work. 

Basically, the driver in question had lost a cousin.  He wasn’t killed or maimed in any way, nor did he lose a struggle with any disease.  He had simply “had enough” of the hurdles live was throwing at him and hung himself.  I made a comment similar to the one I’m about to make below, and the driver became very defensive and said, “Why, I think anyone that commits suicide is a brave person.  To know that you are going to end your own life, to take it into your hands like that, that’s bravery … that’s having the balls to do something other than stand around and do nothing!”  I’m paraphrasing a bit, but that is the gist of what he said.

Now, it’s my turn. 

Life is hard, no one has ever claimed otherwise.  Even a multi-millionaire has to work for his/her money (in the beginning, anyways.)  People lose loved ones, jobs, money.  Live comes at you hard and fast, but it is how you view your situation and roll with it that determines your success in this physical world we live in.  You can either dodge and adjust your strategy when you get knocked down, or you can have the crap beat out of you.  It’s your choice.  But to simply give up and say, “Meh, I can’t take it anymore,” and kill yourself … well, my friend, you are a coward.  That’s taking the “easy” way out, not to mention the fact that, for our Christian friends, you are condemning yourself to damnation by taking your own life. 

“Oh, my wife left me.  Obama’s President.  I got laid off.  They are foreclosing on my house.  I think I’ll blow my brains out, that’ll show ‘em!”

I don’t understand it.  If you want to be brave, to live a good life and jump those hurdles, then, as another co-worker says, “it’s time to man-up,”  not curl up in a ball and take that “easy” way out by shirking your responsibilities, family and friends. 


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