Thanksgiving Wrap-up

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we certainly did on this end!  It has been a nice, peaceful and uneventful holiday weekend.  Thursday, we went to Jennifer’s grandparents house, the central gathering hub for her family.  Everyone showed up and had a delicious meal of pies, cakes, candies, ham, turkey, dressing … all the good stuff.  We played a couple of games and I cut out for a two-hour nap before going back for an hour or so more before things started to die down.

Then it was time to get down to business.  Jenn, Noah and I came home.  Noah went to bed and Jenn laid down for a nap. Around 11:00PM she got dressed and headed out to pick up her mom.  Yes, Black Friday was about to begin!  They were out from 11PM Thursday night until sometime around noon Friday.  Christmas shopping is done (except for what I still have to get for her.)  I’d like to have had some extra money to blow myself, as there were some outrageous deals on televisions this year.  But, if it holds to history, it’s a sign of dropping prices for the new year to come. 

Once Jenn got home, she took a little bit of a nap in the recliner and then Noah and I drug her to Cheddars for lunch and swung by Target to pick up a few things.  Browsing around, I found they had some $8.99 bluray discs of some pretty decent movies.  But, as I stated in a previous post, Sometimes, You Get What You Pay For.

Saturday, we slept in a bit, then got up and went to Logans for lunch (yes, it was a big eat-out weekend).  Afterwards, we headed to Murfreesboro and hit Stones River Mall where I let Jenn pick out a pair of shoes she’d been wanting (for Christmas, of course, just to torture her by letting her see them, try them on, then wrap them up and shove ‘em under the tree).  We also visited Toys R Us, which was bone bare in stock because they evidently hadn’t gotten a truck in after the Friday ravaging.  Barnes and Noble Bookstore and Bestbuy rounded out the night.  I picked up The Dead That Walk: Flesh-eating Stories, an anthology of short fiction about zombies by well-known and up and coming writers.  Also picked up a couple of CD’s my dear wife has been wanting as well as The Real Ghostbusters Volume One for Noah.  The old cartoon version of the Ghostbusters movie.

We came home Saturday and watched Aliens in the Attic with my mom and Johnny.  It turned out to be a little better than I thought it would be, kind of a cute little movie.

And now we’re here to Sunday.  I slept in while Jenn and Noah went to church and out to eat with her parents.  I’ve dusted, played some games, read a little on my book, invited my mom over to watch Star Trek and almost took a nap.  All-in-all, it’s been an awesome 4-day weekend.  Sadly, it’s also the last day of said weekend. 

Tomorrow, I head back to work, earning those dollars that seem to make the world go ‘round.  It’s a vicious, endless cycle.  But, in 4 more weeks, we get an entire week off for Christmas, so I’ll have plenty more time to catch up on some rest. 

Until then, let’s start working on that holiday spirit, eh?


You Make How Much?

I like how many social networking sites have the option of posting your income.  But, really, is it important to you to have other people know how much you make?  More importantly, will it affect how they deal with you, or if they even want to be your friend?

“Oh, it looks like ChemicalFawn, there, only makes $40k a year … but Dingo8muhBaby09 makes $104k a year …  I think I’ll go talk to Dingo and see what’s up.”

And what is really awkward, I suppose, is when you see someone who has decided to post their salary, and you just know they can’t possibly be making that much.

“Oh, so I  noticed you make $50k a year, eh?  Wow … guess that server job at McDonalds is really paying off.  I’m impressed, can I get a job there, too?  Wha?  They only start off at $7.00 an hour?  And you’ve been there how long?  4 months?  And  you’re making $50k?  Hmm …”

I even came across one site that asked you to enter what kind of car you drive.  Really?  Is it important for me to flaunt what type of vehicle I drive?  I realize we’re a society based on the worship of goods, but do I really want someone noticing me because of the car I put down (be it positive or negative attention).  No, I really don’t.  In fact, if someone notices me based on the posting of my income or car of choice, then they probably aren’t the type of person I’m going to socialize with very long anyways.

Sometimes, You Get What You Pay For

Target had $8.99 Bluray Disc movies as part of their Black Friday deals.  I picked up two this afternoon on a whim.  Stargate: Extended Edition and V for Vendetta.  I love both of these movies, so it isn’t like I didn’t have any other reason to pick them up, but still, I was anticipating the crisp beauty of a high definition picture.  Sadly, I was disappointed.  V for Vendetta holds up a little better, since it isn’t as old, but both movies, Stargate expecially, has grainy blacks and darker hues.  I was hoping, with Stargate being a bit of a cult classic, that they would have treated it a little better.  I know there is another anniversary edition out, somewhere, so I guess that’s what they were saving the big guns for.  Still, for $8.99, I guess it wasn’t a total loss, even if the pictures aren’t as great as they could be.

4-Day Weekend

I’m back just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday!  Today is the last work day before a 4-day weekend.  I’ve been looking forward to this for a month now!  Rest and relaxation … ahhhhh.

And, as an added bonus, I’m planning on doing some major leveling on my Death Knight.  He’s at 71 1/2 now, and by Monday he’ll be … who knows?

Anyways, we’ll see what’s going after I’ve had to time to detox my brain, and discuss the madness of Pilgrim’s Bounty on WoW, which is wrapping up this weekend AND the wonderful Christmas celebration we have to look forward to in-game and in real life.

Dear Sony

Dear Sony,

After purchasing your expensive blu-ray disc player (known simply as the PS3) about a year ago, I’ve had only one complaint about the system.  It seems that even though you touted the fact and used it as one of the many reasons to jack up the price to a god-awful amount, the built in wi-fi adapter suck major donkey parts.  Aside from jacking in directly to my broadband connection, I can’t rely on a stable (when I can get one) wireless signal via the PS3 blu-ray disc player that I payed $499 for. 

Sony, shouldn’t it be able to connect to the Sony Store every single time I attempt to?  Shoudln’t I be able to access BD Live features without having to wait forever?  Should a simple trial game download take an hour or more to download just so I can decide if I want to purchase the game or not? 

Now, being Sony (or a fanboy of such) I’m sure it’ll be blamed on my router, my connection, one of a million things Sony has nothing to do with.  But, let me assure you completely that I have no problem with any other wireless device in my house.  My laptop connects fine, as does my Zune, DS and my only video gaming console, the Xbox 360, which required a seperate adapter be purchased (and which works great, thanks).

In closing, Sony, I’d like to suggest that, if you’re going to include a feature that works only half the time, if at all, please put it in for free, don’t use it as an added excuse to create the most expensive gaming console of all time.