Mogathorn Update: Level 73

While I didn’t get as much WoW time in as I’d originally planned, I did manage to take my Dwarf Death Knight from 71 1/2 to 73.  It’s not as big a leap as I’d hoped for, but it’ll do in the long run. 

The hardest part, right now, is finding quests.  It seems I’m in an awkward spot where there are alot of silver question marks and group dungeon quests.  I’m not a big grouping person, as I leveled my 80 hunter main pretty much solo the entire way. 

My main points of questing is in Dragonblight, around Wyrmrest Temple and Winterguard Keep.  Borean Tundra, around the Coldarra questlines, which is where all of the dungeon quests come from, within the Nexus.  I’m sure there are some odd n’ end quests around in the area, but I’ve already gotten the “Nothing Boring About Borean” achievement for completing “X” number of quests as well as the “Explore Borean Tundra” achivement, so I’ve pretty much seen the entire area.

I may venture back down to the Howling Fjord just to try and push out another level and start earning quests down there as well, since I’m at a crawl, for now.


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