Shavelle Achievement Update

Mainly, on Shavelle (my hunter), I’ve been logging in to do dailies.  Specifically, I’ve been focusing on The Shadow Vault, Argent Tournament, Cooking and Fishing.  They all provide rep for their related faction, and along with the “Wrath” feature of earning specific rep in dungeons when wearing a tabard, I’m almost exhaulted with The Knights of the Ebon Blade. 

I’ve gotten a little discouraged after finding out there can be some “noob” haters, even within random dungeons via Dungeon Finder.  Seems that the only way to get better gear is through dungeons, yet if you are in a party with people who have better gear, some of them tend to hate on you for holding them back.  Gotta raid to get gear, but some won’t let you raid without gear.  Hmmmmm … 

Anyways, Shavelle’s recent achievements include:

Cooking with Style

Exhaulted Champion of Ironforge

Champion of Ironforge

100 Dalaran Cooking Awards

25 Dungeon & Raid Emblems

100 Stone Keeper’s Shards

and, Dual Talent Specialization.

Oh yes, I broke down and invested 1,000 G into dual spec.  I checked on the ‘net and found several different marksman and survival builds, tried them both, and am currently working on a 0/18/53 build for Survival.  Meh, without better gear, though, I’m only pulling in 1,500 dps according to the Recount add-on.  I’ve got my fingers crossed.  I may get up enough nerve to venture back into some more dungeons soon.


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