3 Days In To The New Year

Four days off and I didn’t accomplish even half of what I had originally planned.  The main goal for the holiday weekend was to level my DK to 80.  Instead, I’ve been busy with everything but!  Well, perhaps busy isn’t the right term, but it’s close enough :)  Things I’ve done so far in 2010.

1 – Leveled Mogathorn, my Death Knight, to level 76.

2 – Played a butt-load of Wii.  Mainly Super Mario Bros. Wii, but also some Animal Crossing and Mario Kart as well.

3 – Played some Xbox 360.  Fallout 3 (I’m at a point where I’m dying a lot again) and Hasbro Family Game Night.  The achievements just roll out as soon as you put in the disc and boot up the game.  First time playing last night, and I scored 10 achievements right off the bat.

4 – Tonight, I finally started in on A Clash of Kings, the second novel in the A Song of Ice & Fire series by George R. R. Martin.  I can’t wait to see what HBO is doing with the series they are producing.

5 – I have ventured back into cellphone ownership.  Not wanting another contract (my wife still has her ATT Wireless plan), I opted for a prepaid plan.  Straight Talk is a decent alternative to Cricket.  Decent older model Samsung sliding keyboard phone, too.  $45 buys you the unlimited talk/text/data plan and $35 buys the 1000 Minutes/1000 Texts plan.  I’m not concerned with data, as all I really need/want is the ability to text and talk.

6 – Enjoying my time off.  It’s gone by too fast, but I get 3 more weeks of vacation time in February, so I can surely make it until then.  I’ve already planned a couple of days off to recoup 🙂

I hope you have had a great New Year, so far, and continue to do so.  If it isn’t starting out too hot, hang in there, things work themselves out in the oddest of ways, sometimes 😉

Take it easy, I’ll check in on you again later.


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