No, It Isn’t

For the past two weeks, I’ve been bothered by a comment my boss made.  I had made a mistake on some paperwork back in late August and again in early October of ‘09.  The error was made on the same customer both times.  It was brought to my attention early this month, January 2010.  After learning of my mistake and doing the usual song and dance where you nod your head and smile then walk away, I was bothered by the fact that it had taken 4, almost 5 months to even discover the mistake.  So, being the idiot I am, I bring this us.

“Well, once it leaves the office here and is turned into accounting, no one else checks it.  They have no idea in accounting if a customer should be noted as collect or prepaid on a shipment.”

Okay, that was scarey enough.  That I am the last checkpoint in our company of several hundred.  Then, when I expressed that there seemed to be a problem with that fact, I was told the most disturbing comment I’ve ever heard:

“Well, James, that’s how all business operate.”

Um, no, no it isn’t.  That is a statement made in ignorance.  It is also coming from a man who has spent the past 36 years of his life with the same company.  A 54 year old man who has been working with the same outfit since he was about 19 years old … he has no experience to back this up.  I’m 32, have worked for 7 years in retail, 8 years in this particular plant, worked a part time job for 4 months over the past Summer and spent a year between jobs doing temporary work.  No, sir, this isn’t how all businesses operate.  I’m not saying some businesses don’t operate their companies in this manner, but most definately not ALL of them. 

Of course, I let it go, pushed it aside and didn’t say another word.  You can’t argue with someone like that.  But, here, I’ve voiced my opinion at last.


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