The Wind Keeps Knocking On My Door

Happy Monday, Netizens.  It is cold and a light dusting of snow falling from the sky today.  Lazy and uneventful weekend, and I started to feel a little regret at having accomplished absolutely nothing last night, but then I decided to finish up Series 1 (Season 27) of Dr. Who.  Series One was another reboot of the series, starring Christopher Eccelston as The Doctor and introducing Billie Piper as his “assistant.”  So, having watched all the way up to “The Christmas Invasion,” which was David Tennants first full episode, I suppose the weekend wasn’t a complete loss.

I’m still loving my Zune HD, and have found a couple of new podcasts to listen to.  And, to complete my year of nerdiness, I placed my preorder for the Barnes & Noble nook last night.  The e-reader is schedule for a Feb. 12th ship date, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.  Maybe I can finish the book I’m reading now by then, though I am a tad bit pressed for time as to when and where I whip that big ole’ thing out at.

In WoW news, I have 2 level 80’s now, trying to bring my Warlock up there to join them and running dailies and side quests for money.  I’ve started using the 42 Mage I’d abandoned awhile back as an AH tool, selling cloth and gems and whatnot for my other toons.  Yesterday alone, with minimul effort, I made 145 gold.  Could have made more, but I undercut the other sellers on the board just so I could push my merchandise.  My main goal in WoW now is to make money.  Lots of money.  I want a massive stockpile before the next expansion comes out, whenever that is.

Speaking of making money, I think I’m going to go play a bit right now.  The wife and son went out for the day, so I’m home alone and waiting for work.  Sounds like WoW time to me!


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