Dragon Age Comment

I picked up Bioware’s Dragon Age: Origin last Saturday, and it is a pretty interesting game, so far.  Really digging the storyline and the fact that you have a party to fight with you.  I’m playing “casually,” and letting my allies fight freely with no real intervention from me. 

Deep storyline, large world with rich lore and history.  I like it!

At the moment, I’ve diverted my crew from Redcliffe on a main side quest to try and rally the Circle of mages in hopes of helping me cleanse this runny-nosed little brat of a demon.  Seems the Mage Tower has been infested with demons thanks to some blood mages.  Now, I’m trapped in the dream world with a crap load of mini worlds to fight through while trying to find my scattered party and a way out.

Thanks, Bioware, as if Bethesda hasn’t claimed enough of my time with Fallout 3 and Blizzard with World of Warcraft!!!


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