Lost – “Dr. Linus”

If you are not watching the last season of “Lost,” then you are missing out, my friend!  To sharpen that point, I direct you to last night’s episode, “Dr. Linus.”  A Ben-centric episode, complete with flash-sideway of our favorite villain as a teacher. 

Fear not, I’ll not spoil the complete plot here, but it was a stand out episode in an already spectacular season.  A few questions I have about the entire arc, though, will follow and may also include potential spoilers for the past few episodes and/or those to come.  So take that as you will!

1) Why does the Island need a care-taker, and does it need more than one to keep things in balance?  Jacob/Man-in-Black for example.  What would happen if there was no one to watch over it?

2) Why is/does Locke/MIB need all those people?  He seems so concerned with getting as many people as he can to follow him.  Why?  Does he really want to help them get off the Island?  And, even he seems intent on the fact that someone has to stay behind to be the Keeper, if you will.

3) Surprise arrival at the end of “Dr. Linus” was Whitmore.  Where is Desmond?  I’d dare to venture that these are going to be the future Keepers.  Whitemore and Desmond have a love/hate relationship much like the little we’ve seen of Locke/MIB and Jacob.  They’ve been at constant odds since they were introduced and linked together by Penny.  I’m gonna predict that they will become the Keeper(s) in stead of Jacob and Locke/MIB.

4) What is the Island?  What is the source of its powers, why is it so important and where did it originate?

5) What happened to the Dharma Initiative in the Side-verse.  At the beginning of the season, we see the island sank underwater and all the Dharma houses and playgrounds, the statue and temple and all were there, just submerged and in disarray because of the bomb.  But in “Dr. Linus,” Ben’s dad says they shouldn’t have left the Island.  But, the Island sank?!  What’s going on with Dharma and the Island in the Side-verse?

6) How is the Side-verse going to relate to the Island-verse?  Are the two eventually going to clash in some form or fashion by seasons end, or are they simply two separate divisions?  If that was the case, then why did Juliet have a moment of clarity when she told Sawyer that “It worked …”  Evidently she was privy to a bit of information that we have yet to be let in on.  We’ll see.  We’ll see … I hope!

This is a small list of items from a much larger list that I, like many fans, want to see answered, I’m sure.  But the season is living up to the promise to answer questions, I’ll give ‘em that!  From the meaning of the numbers, to the mystery of the Smoke Monster to what is behind the defensive wall of the temple, which wasn’t very defensive, eh?

Still so many questions.  Still so few answers on the grander scale.  But I’m still loving it.  And, over all, I have to say that it seems, for the moment, that if the gang hadn’t crashed on the island, their lives seem to be looking up (for the moment) in the Side-verse. 

Excellent season to finish up a great show that has had me so mad, excited and sad all at the same time.  No series has ever tested me like Lost has, and I hope I find a new one to replace it when this ride comes to a stop.


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