iTunes Hacked: Final Verdict

I received a phone call from Detective Angela with the Smyrna Police Department.  She asked me the same run-of-the-mill questions the police officer, the bank and everyone else has asked.

– Who do you think used your account?

– Have you given out your password to anyone?

– Have you ran a virus scan on your computer and changed your passwords?

– Do you want to continue the investigation and press charges should we find who did it?

On this last point, I have to say … I wasn’t expecting much, but to have a police detective pretty much tell me it would be a waste of their time to pursue the matter disturbed me.  I know it would be like finding a needle in a haystack, what with technology these days, but they could have instilled a little more confidence in their abilities.  Sure, I’m thankful for her honestly because I didn’t think there was much they could do anyways, but still. 

My hard earned tax dollars at work, eh? :)  Well, at least she’s super cool and goes by Detective Angela.  Thanks for nothing, Smyrna Police Department.  I appreciate your time and I’m sorry for wasting any more than I had to.

CASE CLOSED … I suppose.


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