BlizzCon ‘10, Digital Content for $$ and Brave New? World

BlizzCon 2010 tickets will go on sale for about 2 seconds for 2 days in June.  The dates, June 2nd and June 5th, will no doubt lead to a crash of the internet as thousands of fans ditch any and all responsabilities to sit in front of their computer screens and hit the refresh button over and over again.  I won’t lie, if I could get away this year, I’d be one of those fanboys staring at my monitor, waiting to toss away $150 to go to the convention.  Also, just like last, DirecTV will be offering PPV coverage, and also multi stream internet coverage.  More information and official press releases can be found here.

Blizzard also expanded their digital download selection … with a horse.  Yes, an in-game horse mount that can be used as a ground mount in the old world or a flying mount in Outland and Northrend.  It instantly scales if you already own a 310% mount to 310%, otherwise, it will scale accordingly.  It is also account bound, so you never have to buy another mount in World of Warcraft again.  Of course, the digital content costs … TWENTY-FIVE DOLLARS.  That’s $25, almost 2 months worth of game time for a game you are paying $15 a month to play. 

I’m not really against this path that Blizzard is taking for two reasons.  1) They are a company.  Blizzard is here to make money, increase their profits and they know what people like.  2) This is a completely new direction they are taking with this “store,” and I can’t help but thing it is due to a little pushing on Activision’s behalf.  $25 is where I have a beef …  It’s a piece of digital content, a reskinned model of another horse that is already in the game.  Aside from throwing a new skin over it, I see no reason to jack the price up from the $5 or $10 pets they have been selling. 

If you want to really dig into the controversy, though, do a search on Google or Bing on the subject and listen to the nerdrage that is being fanned.

And, finally, the last subject I wanted to briefly touch upon: The New Old World …  With the release of Cataclysm still some time off, MMO-Champion posted some screen shots of the “changed” areas around old Azeroth.  They were pulled a few days later because of a supposed NDA breach, but that’s another story in itself.  The zones aren’t as changed, in the early releases, as promised, but there have been some changes.  I’m sure if you do another search, there are surely some other sites that have leeched the pictures before they were taken down.

Hopefully it was just early work being shown and Blizzard is working to make more drastic changes, but if not, then oh well.  I understand there are going to be man hours involved just making the world flyable (is that a word?) to players.    That means going in and cleaning up what they already have, completing models, etc.  I’m no graphics expert, but I imagine they had to get their hands dirty.

The pictures are nice, though, if you can find them.  I recommend taking a look.

And, speaking of pictures, Blizzard released images of Female Worgens!  Yes, now we know what the female Worgens look like … I can sleep easy now.  The Instance has some pics, but at this point, pretty much any WoW site will have them.  Visit The Instance.


… and my personal goal of daily updates continues … 🙂


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