I Don’t Listen To Your Podcast For The Brown-Nosing

I am a World of Warcraft addict.  I’m an alt-a-holic.  I also enjoy listening to podcasts dedicated to the subject, listening to the opinions and viewpoints, but mostly for the banter between friends while they discuss changes or flaws to the game.  One podcast stands out above the rest in terms of quality, production values, format, etc … or at least that’s a somewhat popular opinion.  That podcast is The Instance.  I still listen to The Instance, but I don’t enjoy it as much now as I use to “back in the day.” 

It certainly isn’t the information that comes from the hosts, Scott and Randy, that has lowered my interest.  They consistently push out the standard news, rumors and other information like robots, then throw in their two-cents.  It isn’t even their opinions about the subject matter that I disagree with or have suddenly grown tired of. It’s their attitudes.  They’ve gone from an up and coming podcast dedicated to the subject of WoW and transformed into a dedicated podcast that is bogged down by the dozen or more “segments” and skits of people trying to come up with the next big thing.  I usually turn the podcast off before even the first bit of the last 30 minutes of call-ins and submissions even begin. 

Scott and Randy are also constantly hinting about their knowing someone who works with Blizzard, or Figureprints, or this and that and the other.  Great, you got inside, connections, but really, knowing that and sharing it doesn’t make me like you or enjoy the show better.  It’s like listening to someone, fresh off a vacation, who just happened to see a celebrity walking down the other side of the street and wants everyone to know it.  I really don’t care if CamelHoof002 works for Blizzard and told you guys something.  I don’t care if you know the President, CEO and Founder of Figureprints personally and he gave you an inside look at how things go down in their factory.  And, for the love of all that is good, stop pandering to Blizzard.  It isnt’ even funny anymore when you throw “hints” about how you’d love to have a character in-game named after yours, or a stuffed tiger that looks like your in-game pet.  If you want to beg for that stuff, do it off the air to your buddies. 

The Instance has probably one of the largest communities out there dedicated to this game.  They are buddies, pals, friends, etc.  The Instance and its hosts can do no wrong, and if they do and someone calls them out on it, well, it’s an insult fest come next episode.  Get over yourselves, guys, and get back to doing a real podcast, not some glitz and glamour show about how right you are and how wrong everyone else that questions you might be.

Every episode I listen to I say is going to be my last, yet I keep listening, hoping I’ll hear a glint of what use to be.  Hasn’t happened yet, and I’m sad to say I’ll probably keep holding out hope.

Alternative podcasts for folks who may not know of them: The Pugcast and Outlandish are two of my favorites at the moment.  They are tagged Explicit, but the banter between cohosts is classic and entertaining 99% of the time. 


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