Cheaper Zune Pass?

Engadget reported last week that Microsoft may be getting ready to lower the price of their Zune Pass service.  Right now, as it stands, you get unlimited music downloads and 10 DRM-free to-keep downloads a month for $15.  That’s right, you get credits to download 10 free songs, to keep, even if you cancel your Zune Pass, each month.  That’s basically a CD a month for $15, and as much music as you can download and listen to added in for free. 

There is no word on what the new price might be, but Engadget commented on the fact that RealNetwork (who even uses them anymore, really?) dropped their Rhapsody monthly fee from $15 to $10 a few months ago. 

I would certainly consider renewing my Zune Pass subscription for $10, but will they still offer the credits?  That’s what I’m wondering, although you can buy most CD’s now for around $10, so it would seem fair to still get those 10 songs. 


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