Kids In Mind

If you are a parents, or just cautious about what you are walking in to when you go see a new movie, then there is a website for you!  Actually, there are many websites for you, but the latest I’ve stumbled upon ain’t too shabby.

For a few years I’ve used ScreenIt for movie run downs on what to expect as far as language, sex, nudity, violence and gore, but they were constantly trying to get you to subscribe to their pay service, and brand new movies weren’t accessable right away for “free.”  Recently, they have completely changed it to where you can’t read the details unless you are a “supporting” customer. 

I got news for you, ScreenIt, this is the internet, I really don’t have to pay for anything because someone else will have it for freel

Right now, the website Kids In Mind is a decent choice.  They give a synopsis of the movie, rate the extend of the catagories by a bar chart and tell you exactly what you are getting in to.  And no waiting a week or two with new releases.  Of course, you can donate to help support the page, and I don’t mind supporting a good crew that provides good content for the public.

If you want to make sure you aren’t going to be put into an awkward situation with a movie, try hitting up Kids In Mind to see if they can’t lend a hand on that new movie.


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