PseudoPod, Episode 196: The Hand You’re Dealt

It has been awhile since I’ve recommended an episode of Pseudopod, and that’s because it has been awhile since I’ve taken the time to enjoy this fine audio production.  Episode 196 is a story by Frank Oreto, as read by Jesse Livingston and centers on a man that is down on his luck and owes money to a loan shark.  He is offered a prime seat at a questionable poker table, and finds that there are different methods of paying your debts.

“The Hand You’re Dealt” felt like a solid story, the central character was in a recognizable situation, but it is made worse with what I took as his addiction to gambling.  I had a few problems with the narrator, but nothing major that would keep me from listening to him again.  And, finally, I’m not sure if it was the writing or the narrator, but there was one portion of the story that was either rushed, or not written very well as far as describing an event that takes place.

Recommended read … er, listen.


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