2010 Blizzard Global Writing Contest

Your weapons? They seem to be but a musty tome and quill*, but know that their power is far stronger than the armies of the Scourge, far craftier than the zerg Swarm, and far mightier than the Burning Hells. Ready your tools, scribe, and prepare for combat with the inky beast called fiction!


Blizzard Entertainment is hosting their 2010 Blizzard Global Writing Contest.  Participants must enter a 2,500 to 7,500-word short story, written in English and set in the Warcraft, Starcraft or Diablo universe.  Deadline is August 23, 2010, and you can possibly earn a chance to visit the Blizzard headquarters and meet the writers and staff behind the lore of the companies books and games.

There is one Grand Prize and several Runners-up prizes.  Which one is actually better is up to you.  Personally, I wouldn’t mind being a runner-up.  There is a FAQ about submissions and story quality on the contest’s main page as well as other details one may need.  Check them out via the link below …

Blizzard Entertainment: Contests


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