BRK is Back … Even if it is Just Temporarily

In case you haven’t heard, Big Red Kitty is back … possibly for a limited time.  BRK left the game awhile back because of personal reasons that he covers on his other blog – links to both blogs will follow.  From what I understand from the BRK blog, is that Blizzard themselves asked him to come in and offer a look at the Alpha and Beta as only he can.  Of course, due to NDA concerning Cataclysm betas, he was unable to go into any detail, but using his wit and charm, was able to run you through what he was/is seeing at the time of gameplay. 

Since the new closed beta has started, there is now a video up showing the new baby pet hunters get at level 1.  Swing by and check it out.  Also worth mentioning is BRK’s alter-ego, Daniel Howell.  He runs a very interesting personal blog detailing cooking, gadget buying, conversations with his son, and just random life and opinions.

Big Red Kitty

Brain Needed Space


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