One Million Dads/Moms/Youth Campaigns

I admit I’m no “holier than thou” Christian man.  Nor am I someone that believes pornography of any kind is art or good for a healthy relationship or any of that other crap.  I don’t use extremely foul language, nor will I complain if someone else uses it, but I do have limits as to what I want to hear and how much.  I won’t condem someone for believeing in something I don’t, or for acting in a way I don’t agree with, that isn’t my place.  But I do feel there are some people who take things a little too far.

Speaking of such people, I stumbled across a site called One Million … there are different site links for Moms, Dads and Youth, but it is basically all the same, calling each group to take action against various television networks, companies and other agencies that offend their Christian sensability.

In their FAQ, the purpose of the site:

OMD is strictly an online campaign focusing primarily on the entertainment media (television, music, movies, etc). The goal of this campaign is to stop the exploitation of children by such media.

Concerning the shows that “do good,” a FAQ question asks if those shows/networks shouldn’t be “thanked.”

In very rary instances, OneMillionDads recognizes shows that are free from sex, violence, and profanity. However, we must take into account the “dirty” shows that are promoted during commercial breaks, along with the overall tone of the network. Unfortunately, the networks, as a whole, are consistantly offensive to family viewing.

Seems to me, if you were “thanking” the networks for those shows and demonstrating what it is you really liked, they might try to cater to that genre of programming.  Hmm?  But seriously, how can you discuss a website that won’t even spell out sex when they are talking about sex.  Instead, they say, “s-x” or “it included scenes of a s-xual nature.”  S-x?  Oh, yes, you mean SEX, SEXUAL.  S E X.  It’s so dirty, I may have to go take a bath just from typing the word.

Some of their current “missions” include:

  • 7-11 Stores selling Playboys
  • Dick’s Sporting Goods not recognizing Christmas in their circulars or in-store advertising.
  • Home Depot for supporting the Pride Parade and “exposing children to unhealthy and risky homosexual events.”
  • A call to sponsers including Subway, Coca-Cola, M&M’s KFC, Pizza Hut, Target, 1-800-Contacts, Geico, Johnson & Johnson to drop their advertising during the shows “Secret Life of an American Teenager” and “Pretty Little Liars.”

The campaign’s successes include (at least, according to them,):

  • Forcing Hanes Brands to pull support for GLEE. 
  • Making Toys R Us pull ads from airings of Two and a Half Men,
  • having several companies pull advertising from the TV Land show The Cougar,
  • and pretty much attacking anyone that airs during FX’s hit shows such as Rescue Me, The Shield, Dirt, etc.
  • And many more.

Really?  To even know these people had advertisments on these programs, you had to have been watching it yourself.  Were you doing it for the sake of your job?  To make the companies miserable?  If you don’t want your children watching those shows, then don’t let them watch them.  You are a parent, you can control what they do while in your house.  But to go as far as to hold the companies that advertise – or, have their ads aired because of the networks positioning of them – responsible for the content …  Come on.  The next time Stephanie Meyers has one of her characters drink a Coke, are you going to call for the boycott of the entire Twilight series of books?  Even shows like Law & Order are on their list, Sears made it on there because the group claims their online site is full of smut. 

I’m all for good, clean living.  But does this fall along the lines of forcing our own beliefs and opinions upon others?  Does that make one any better than the programs or actions they are rallying against?  Maybe, maybe not, I just don’t like where this “One Million …” program is going. 

Am I wrong?  What are your opinions?  Do you jump in and get involved when you see something you don’t like?  Or do you simply turn the channel and refuse to watch it anymore?  Perhaps I’m not a good Christian because I don’t take up arms and threaten these companies that pay good money to have their ads aired.  I dunno … that’s just one of the many questions I have about life, but not the most important … I’d say it falls well below the top 100, actually.

As of this writing, the “youth” site isn’t even accessable. 

One Million Dads

One Million Moms

One Million Youth


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