Decision Making In-Progress

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I always like to plan these things out because it is about the money in the end.  What you’re going to plop your hard earned cash down on and be stuck with.  So, the decision I’m currently debating and researching is: Blackberry or Android?  Which cellphone should be my next purchase/upgrade.  I have always stuck with the plain and simple phones, but I think with all the options out there these days, and the “unlimited” plans that come with them, it’s too hard to pass up.

My current plan is 1000 minutes, 1000 text messages and 25mb of data for $35 a month.  For an additional $20 I can get unlimited and a super cool phone to Twitter, Facebook and even write blog posts on.

So, Blackberry or Android.  Let me think …

Note: I do not even include the iPhone because, honestly, I despise Apple.


One thought on “Decision Making In-Progress

  1. I really do like the android phones, and I suppose it’s also back to which carrier you are with now and if you’re willing to change. I think right now Sprint has the best plans as far as having a $69 (well $79 if you choose their 4G smartphones), that includes unlimited mobile to mobile, text, web, and 450 anytime minutes (i believe). I really do like the EVO 4G, and the Samsung Epic is nice too (but a bit too pricey) if you rather have a physical keyboard.

    As much as I despise the stores, your best bet is to go into a Sprint, Verizon, etc store and play around with the demo units, see how you like them. Each phone brand also has their own version of Android as well, HTC with Sense, Motorola with MotoBlur, etc, plus you can get just plain vanilla Android as well on some units.

    If you want to check out Android Forums, they are also a good source of info as well,, I’ve posted a few messages on there as well, and got some info back. I’d jump on a EVO 4G myself, but to be honest, I don’t want to be tied to a contract at this time, because I may not need it in another year’s time 😛

    As far as Blackberries go, they are good if messaging will be your primary thing, but if you’re looking into net and music and downloadable apps and such, then you’d be better off with a Android.

    Podcast wise, check out CNET’s Android Atlas Weekly and Revision3’s AppJudgement for all the cool stuff you can do once you get one 😛

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