And … We Skip Straight to New Years!

It’s the end of the year, folks. No do-overs, tonight is the night. 2010 is about to be history, the past 12 months never to be relived except by daydream or nightmare! I hope you made it the best you could, brushed off all those time you got knocked down and overlooked the a-holes that tried to ruin it for you. But now, in less than 24-hours, we will enter a magical portal to the future, where clean slates are born. Entering a new year is like starting over for many people, and I’m no different. The first day of the first month of a brand new year is the opportunity to say, “No more! Today, I start living like there is no tomorrow!” So, I hope you do live like there is no tomorrow (well, don’t go out and rob any banks or assault people, that’d be bad.) Enjoy life, love your friends, work that job but don’t work your life away, keep your family close and have no regrets.



It’s Almost Christmas!

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I’m sure you are all aware of this, but Christmas is just a few days away!  The older I get, the faster time seems to pass, and this year has flown by.  Thanksgiving seems like a distant memory, and already we are awaiting the arrival of the jolly old fat man himself … and Santa Clause, too.  No outdoor decorations illuminate our lawn this year, much to my wife’s dismay.  She pestered every weekend about getting out and hanging lights, placing reindeer and lawn ornaments, but she never seemed to find the time to stay home long enough to help!  I’m a lazy and unmotivated one, so it wasn’t getting done without help.

As with every year, the majority of our shopping was for our boy, but as with all humans, the older we get, the more expensive our toys become.  While he still enjoys things like dinosaurs, insects, Transformers, etc … the toy companies like to jack up prices on the really cool toys.  I am proud that he hasn’t asked for a lot this year, really.  His list to Santa only had five items on it, all of them dinosaur related.  Perhaps the most expensive thing he asked for was an mp3 player to listen to his songs on in the car and take with him when we go out.  We are actually waiting on that because I’ve already got a plan for his birthday in 4 more months that will take care of that request.

Work-wise, a.k.a., the reason I haven’t posted much the past few months, we are still pulling in the over time.  It has slacked off a little bit with the holiday coming up and many of our customers shutting down.  I’m taking an extended vacation, spanning an awe-inspiring 11 days of bliss in which I shall sit around the house and do nothing of major consequence.  I can’t wait!

In the mean time, I plan on eating cakes, cookies, ham and turkey, dressing and scalloped potatoes and all that good Christmas food that comes with the territory.  And to you, Dear Reader, I hope you have a happy holiday … or better yet, a Merry Christmas!

Actual Good Excuses for Not Posting


First, you do know that the latest World of Warcraft expansion was released last Tuesday, right?  Cataclysm, in which the game received 2 new playable races, a new profession, 5 new levels to grind out and raised the skill level of all main and secondary professions.  The game also received a graphical overhaul, though still nothing ground breaking, it does look very nice.  So, I present excuse number one for not posting: I’ve been playing World of Warcraft: Cataclysm!

Secondly, I’m sick.  I’ve been sick since Thursday night.  Hurting all over and feeling like crap, not to mention tired, tired and tired.  Almost felt like the flu, but I seriously do not believe that is what it was.  Feeling better today, still sore and a little woozy, but hopefully I’ll be better come tomorrow morning.

Posts on the horizon, especially with Christmas vacation just around the bend.  And if you have always thought about playing WoW, now is the perfect time to get in!

Change Your Avatar, Change the World!

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The latest Facebook fad is focused on users changing their user picture to that of a cartoon character from their childhood.  The purpose: to battle child abuse!  Users of the popular social media network are asking that their friends and family to change their Facebook profile picture to a cartoon from their childhood.  The goal is: to not see a human face on Facebook until Monday, December 6th. “Join the fight against child abuse!” the message ends.

While this is a grand idea, in and of itself, the only conversation I’ve seen is people congratulating others on their selection of cartoon characters as their avatars.  “Nice call on the Thundercats,” one of my friends comments to another.  Yes, nice call indeed, I’m sure it is helping much better than the others.

What I find incredible about all of this is that, while everyone is jumping on the fad-wagon and changing their pictures, this is all they are doing.  I suppose some activism is better than none, but not once have I seen anyone comment on the effects of child abuse, the ways to detect it, ways to change, numbers to call, organizations to contact …  It is as if someone woke up and said, “Well, we’ve used code words to describe our bras, where we like to put our purses, hey!  Let’s do the absolutely least possible thing we can to bring up child abuse, then ignore it all together!”  I’m sure it was a great concept all the way up to the execution, but now it is DOA.

Going out on a limb, here, I have to say that the folks on Twitter have a bit more common sense toward the subject.  I read numerous tweets yesterday from folks commenting on the whole Facebook/child abuse picture fad, and I’d actually like to share a few, as they are exactly what I’m thinking myself.

“Want to help children? Keep your profile photo and give time or money to one of the several charities that helps abused children.” – Pres_Bartlet

“Isn’t it lovely that problems such as child abuse can now be so easily solved, just by changing your Facebook picture to a cartoon?” – marmitetoast

“Change your avatar to a pic of cash to indicate you’ve donated to stop child abuse. Otherwise don’t kid yourself: you’re not really helping.” – whatdoiknow

You aren’t changing anything, folks, if you aren’t doing anything.  “I’m going to fight child abuse by changing a profile picture that only a handful of people can see.”  And that’s the absolute least thing you could do, I’m sure, or else you wouldn’t have done that either.  Yes, child abuse, breast cancer, AIDS, spousal abuse, etc … these are all real problems that have dire consequences in the real world.  Changing your avatar with the herd mentality that you are doing something good, I really can’t support because you’re doing nothing else about it.  Do you speak about child abuse to your friends?  Have you donated to help the cause?

Bah, what do I know.  I know I didn’t support this “cause” by following the herd mentality of the meme.  That’s just me, though.  Sorry to ruin anyones Sunday with this little rant.  Go back to your usual routine, friends, and have a great rest of the day.