WoW Cataclysm

The World of Warcraft has been shattered.  Sort of.  Various locations have been completely torn asunder, changed around, split in two … water where there was once sand, lush forest where there was once dry wastes.  Everything else is untouched, aside from some graphical upgrades.

The game does look shiny and beautiful, and once Cataclysm is released and players are able to fly across the old world, I bet it will look even better.  Right now, though, while I am enjoying the pre-expansion events, I am also a tad bit underwhelmed.  I was expecting a much more drastic change in the environments, but am not complaining.

I’m also intrigued with the fact that about 10 years is suppose to have passed since Deathwing erupted and tore the land asunder.  Yes, that’s the official word, I believe, if one listens to The Instance.  Since The Shattering, we are warped ahead 10 years to the rebuilt Stormwind, the upheaval in Thunderbluff, the changing of the Warchiefs in Orgrimmar, the retaking and build up of the Trolls and their new area.  Even King Wrynn’s son, Anduin? has grown and is now an adult, or at least a mature teenager.

If you are Alliance, and well passed your 20’s, you should go back to Redridge Mountains and play out the Keeshan questline.  It’s basically a play on the Rambo movies, but it’s fun to play through.  And speaking of quests, I like the new method of quest delivery.  Many you are able to turn in and accept while “out in the field” via a communication device.  There also seems to be a nice flow to the quest giving — instead of having a questlog full of adventures sending you from one end of Azeroth to the other, you’re given a couple at a time, and they are usually related or in the same general area.  It flows nicely, leading you from your initial entry into a zone on off to your next area of interest.

Abilities and spell changes came before The Shattering, but I also like the changes made to these.  Instead of having to go train each spell/ability upgrade, once you purchase them, they upgrade automatically with you as you level.  The Level Notice is nice, where once you ding, it fades into the screen what level you’ve reached, tells you what abilities are available at your trainer and if you’ve received an action point or not.  Very nice.

All spells and abilities are also visible in your spellbook now.  Faded out, if you aren’t high enough to attain them, but they are listed, along with the level you can acquire them and a description of what it does.

I’d love to cover all of this and more in detail later, despite millions of other professional and amateur blogs are doing that left and right, but for now, these are my opinions.  I’ve nothing to complain about, really enjoying the pre-Cataclysm events  and changes and look forward to the game coming out next month!

Have fun adventuring!


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