It’s Almost Christmas!

A Danish Christmas tree illuminated with burni...
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I’m sure you are all aware of this, but Christmas is just a few days away!  The older I get, the faster time seems to pass, and this year has flown by.  Thanksgiving seems like a distant memory, and already we are awaiting the arrival of the jolly old fat man himself … and Santa Clause, too.  No outdoor decorations illuminate our lawn this year, much to my wife’s dismay.  She pestered every weekend about getting out and hanging lights, placing reindeer and lawn ornaments, but she never seemed to find the time to stay home long enough to help!  I’m a lazy and unmotivated one, so it wasn’t getting done without help.

As with every year, the majority of our shopping was for our boy, but as with all humans, the older we get, the more expensive our toys become.  While he still enjoys things like dinosaurs, insects, Transformers, etc … the toy companies like to jack up prices on the really cool toys.  I am proud that he hasn’t asked for a lot this year, really.  His list to Santa only had five items on it, all of them dinosaur related.  Perhaps the most expensive thing he asked for was an mp3 player to listen to his songs on in the car and take with him when we go out.  We are actually waiting on that because I’ve already got a plan for his birthday in 4 more months that will take care of that request.

Work-wise, a.k.a., the reason I haven’t posted much the past few months, we are still pulling in the over time.  It has slacked off a little bit with the holiday coming up and many of our customers shutting down.  I’m taking an extended vacation, spanning an awe-inspiring 11 days of bliss in which I shall sit around the house and do nothing of major consequence.  I can’t wait!

In the mean time, I plan on eating cakes, cookies, ham and turkey, dressing and scalloped potatoes and all that good Christmas food that comes with the territory.  And to you, Dear Reader, I hope you have a happy holiday … or better yet, a Merry Christmas!


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