Once More, With Feeling

First day back to work after 11 days off Monday, and I’ve already decided that I need another vacation. A vacation that isn’t wrapped in the hustle and bustle of a holiday would be nice, I think, so as not to keep me moving and grooving trying to keep up. I just want an old fashioned, lay around the house and vegetate vacation, don’t wanna move a finger if I don’t have to. Maybe hire someone to feed me twice a day, give me a massage, answer the phone and hold my calls.

But, in the meantime, I’ll push on like everyone else. New year, same old stuff! 🙂  And no, I haven’t already broken my goal for the new year by not posting on the 3rd. Technically, I posted twice on the 2nd, so I’m still on target as far as “post-a-day” goes, even if it was on another day 😛


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