New Headphones!

My old Sony headphones died a couple of months ago, and I was very sad.  They were perfect for traveling around in your pocket or lunch bag.  They were an odd pair I’d stumbled across by accident at Circuit City several years ago.  Round silver clip-on style, the kind that go over your ear, not the annoying buds that slip inside your ear.  What made them perfect was that they had retractable cords!  Each earbud had a notch on it, and if you pushed the left button, it would retract to sit beside the right bud, then you thumb the notch on the right earbud and it would retract the cord that plugged into your mp3 player/music device.  Awesome!  They were $49 at that time and I’ve never found another pair like them since.

Today I picked up the Skullcandy Lowrider SC Black headphones.  So far, they are very nice.  Good sound.  They fit comfortably over the ears and do fold up for portability, but nothing like what I’ve been use to.  Picked these up at Target for $32.  Exact same pair, same specs, but in a blue color right next to mine, $45.  I checked out both packages and saw no difference, so I’m assuming black is just not a popular color here 🙂


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