Increase in Spam Comments

It seems that by posting items on various high profile items, such as Apple and WoW and whatnot, I’ve also attracted a rush of spam comments.  While the sites visitor count has gone up on posts concerning comics, books and a few WoW related posts, it seems to have come at a price.  Not that I’m bothered, thanks to WordPress’s spam filters.  I go in and look at them every now and then and laugh.  I think I’ll even post a few of the better ones.  Also, one word comments also get deleted, such as “good,” or “nice.”  Thank you, if that is your feelings, but it strikes up my paranoia if you can’t take the time to write a few more words than that.  Why post at all?  Anyways, just wanted to give kudos to the WordPress method of spam filtering.  Great job, guys and gals!  Keep up the fine work.


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