So, despite this post that I made a while back, I suppose I’ll just go ahead and say it: I’m starting to sway back to the Apple camp.  I’m not flipping head-over-heels like I did back in the day, but I am attracted to some of their new products, such as the 27″ iMac, the iPad and … well, that’s pretty much it, actually.  Those two particular pieces of hardware are beautiful and I’m intrigued by them.

I’ve always been one of those types, the kind that that rushes out to grab up the latest bits of technology as they are released, only to see price drops, improvements, etc as soon as I swipe my card or hand over the cash.  That’s just my luck, I suppose, or perhaps it’s just the curse of someone who doesn’t stop to think things through.  MP3 players, e-readers, netbooks and computers – all examples of moving too fast to snatch up items before they’ve been broken in.

The one thing I have yet to jump in head first with is telephones/cellphones.  That is such a large and varied market that even I look at it and think, “Whoa, I’m not to sure about that …”  Data plans, voice plans, apps …  Where do you start?

I decided to put my toes in the water with the new price drop of the iPhone 3G with AT&T.  I understand the glossy new 4G is out, but why pay for a few more bells and whistles when you can get just as good a product for less.  Not a huge price investment, a nice selection of applications, a cheap $25 data plan, automatic wi-fi connection when in range of a recognized network.  Only had the phone for a few hours, and I like it.  As with any new “toy” that isn’t really a toy, it looks shiny in the box, but when you take it out, you play with it and then begin to realize it is what it is – a phone with some digital gadgets to play with in your spare time.

With out much direct experience with the product, I relied heavily on all the great reviews I saw across the internet and C/Net.  As my use of the gadget/phone goes on, I’ll be sure to let my thoughts be known.  I’ve been very vocal against Apple and Sony, and will continue to point out what I feel are their flaws or direct attention to their vulture-like ways.  But, so far, they’ve done a nice job on their phone.


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