iPhone Battery Life & Charging

One thing I’ve noticed right off the bat is that the battery life sucks when connected to the AT&T Network and 3G.  It has even been using bits of data when I’m suppose to be using WiFi and, from what I can tell, using bits of data when I’m not even using the phone.  Several forums have offered a solution to the data usage when in a WiFi zone, which is to turn on Airplane Mode.  Airplane Mode shuts off AT&T calling, texting, etc, but allows you to turn on WiFi only, which you can then use to connect to the internet.  This is great, but you’ll miss any calls and texts and can’t send or receive either of the two until you turn Airplane Mode off. Turning Airplane mode on, however, does seem to increase battery life, so late at night when I get home from work, that’s what I switch to.

As for charging, plugged to a wall socket, the iPhone charges pretty fast.  I’m surprised and impressed.



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