Why Didn’t Someone Tell Me About This Sooner?!

List of Dexter characters
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I am currently watching the first season of Dexter on Netflix.  Up to episode 8, which I have yet to watch, and I absolutely love this show.  I know Dexter is suppose to be the sympathetic anti-hero, but I really do relate to him.  The whole ordeal with emotions, having to put up a front and pretend to fit in when, really, underneath, he just doesn’t belong.  I’m not sure how future seasons will play out for me, but I am blown away by the writing, the characters, the story arcs.  Excellent.  It’s a nice get away from the science fiction/fantasy of Torchwood Season One I blew through a few weeks ago.

Also, I’m following A&E’s new series, Heavy, a reality show that follows two obese folks a week through a 6 month? weight loss plan complete with dietitians, personal trainers, psychologists.  Catching up on The Cape, from NBC.  If you decided to avoid it like the plague after the first episode or two, stick it out, friend.  Give the next couple a shot.  The episode titled “Scales” is when the writing is kicked up a notch.  Sadly, I think the shows weakest point is the main character.

Aside from cleaning off our DVR, having nearly no computer time, working late (but finally off going in early) and preparing for a move, I’ve been pretty covered up.  I miss blogging, reading other people’s blogs and playing Wow and getting past the first couple of quests in Fallout: New Vegas.  I guess that’s why I’ve gorged on television this weekend, just sitting back and unwinding for a change.


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