I Know This, It’s What I Do

I realize that my reviews aren’t professional, tend to be a bit scattered and have grammatical errors left and right.  I may have run-on sentences, incomplete thoughts and other annoying habits in my writing.  But, these are my thoughts, this is a personal blog, and I invite you all to check it out should you stumble upon it.   I suppose it may also be off putting that I ramble about on topics I cover, from comics to movies to books to news and games.  This blog has no set focus, it is, instead, the collected topics of interest that I enjoy and want to talk about.  It’s my way of conversing with visitors on subjects I find appealing.  Please, feel free to contribute to the conversation.

No particular incident has brought on this post, it’s just something I want to remind folks of every now and then.  There is no professional journalist here, nor a writer that’s worth his weight in print.  Just an average guy, a husband, a father, a lover of books, movies, games.  So, enjoy and relate, or move along.  No hard feelings, my friend.



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