Back from Oblivion

Move finished.  I would like to say it all went smoothly, considering we’ve planned it for 3 weeks, had everything packed, rented a U-Haul, had equipment to ease the movement of numerous boxes at one time … but … it didn’t.  I suppose there are always speed bumps or potholes waiting to jostle you around.  It is done, though, and I’m glad.  Now comes the really hard part: cramming our junk into new places!  I’ve been off work since last Friday, and I even went in yesterday to put my request in for two more days off.  We’ve been working every day, except last night for a few hours when we actually went to the grocery to buy food for the house.

It’s an interesting feeling to be a home owner …  I’m excited, nervous, happy and scared all at the same time.

There is a bit of negative to the whole ordeal, but I may discuss that later.  Right now, we’re going to throw some lunch together then get back to work.


Monday: Bustin’ Down the Door Like an Uninvited Guest

iPad wordmark.
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We move in 2 weeks, have ordered new furniture for our son’s room, have selected new flooring for the three bedrooms and we have boxes filled with our belongs stacked around our current living quarters.  It looks like a warehouse in here! Busy times, busy times.

Meanwhile, when I haven’t been busy, I was excited to hear about the Apple iPad 2 … but then I got to thinking: who the heck wants to walk around holding up the big old iPad to film hd video?  Holding up a palm-sized camcorder is bad enough, but shooting video holding up a 10″ flat panel?  I really don’t even care for the  cameras, it isn’t the reason I would want an iPad to start with, not that you will have much of a choice come March 11, but still.  The faster processor would be the only selling point for me, as the 1st generation can be a bit hesitant at times.  How would I know that?  Oh … wait for it …

I bought an iPad – 1st generation iPad, to be exact.  16 GB 3G version.  Best Buy had one left, and it just happened to be an “open box.”  No scratches, all packaging intact.  The comments for discount said, “Accessories Missing,” but everything seemed to be there when I went over it.  So, with the $100 Apple approved discount to clear out the old models, and with the open box discount, I took home the 16GB 3G version for $477.  Not bad considering it was just $78 more than what they were selling the wi-fi only version for.  My wife and son love it.  In fact, they are fighting over who is going to use it.  So, another iPad may be possible in the future, but only the wi-fi version.

So, while there isn’t a whole lot going on here, there’s enough to keep a person going from the time they drag out of bed to the time they get home to rest at night.  Hope things are well on your end, Dear Reader, and that the week treats you right!