Back from Oblivion

Move finished.  I would like to say it all went smoothly, considering we’ve planned it for 3 weeks, had everything packed, rented a U-Haul, had equipment to ease the movement of numerous boxes at one time … but … it didn’t.  I suppose there are always speed bumps or potholes waiting to jostle you around.  It is done, though, and I’m glad.  Now comes the really hard part: cramming our junk into new places!  I’ve been off work since last Friday, and I even went in yesterday to put my request in for two more days off.  We’ve been working every day, except last night for a few hours when we actually went to the grocery to buy food for the house.

It’s an interesting feeling to be a home owner …  I’m excited, nervous, happy and scared all at the same time.

There is a bit of negative to the whole ordeal, but I may discuss that later.  Right now, we’re going to throw some lunch together then get back to work.


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